Changing Attitude England writes to the College of Bishops

A week ago the Trustees of Changing Attitude England wrote to every bishop and elected senior woman in advance of the meeting of the College of Bishops from September 15-17 when they will start the


Re-creating Campus Ministry

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship forced to find new ways to operate in california after University System ruling requires permitting non-Christians to be chapter leaders


Billy Graham: a secret Anglican?

America’s Pastor, historian Grant Wacker’s assessment of the long career of Billy Graham, is to be published at the end of November by Harvard University Press.


Out of Kurdistan

A report from the Rev. Jerry Kramer on his visit this week to Christian refugees in Kurdistan.


Central Florida youth worker dismissed following arrest

The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida has received information regarding the arrest of a parish youth worker who  Florda Department of Law Enforcement investigators say had child pornography o

Archbishop invites young Christians to spend year praying at Lambeth Palace

Archbishop Justin Welby is opening up Lambeth Palace to adults aged 20-35 to spend a year living, praying and studying together as a radical new Christian community


Nazir-Ali urges action in Iraq

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph printed on Sept 2, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has urged immediate military action in Iraq to save the country's religious minorities from ISIS.


Prayers for the release of captured Fijian peacekeepers

The Archbishop of Polynesia has issued a call to prayer for the safe release of 44 Fijian soldiers captured by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights.


Wolfhart Pannenberg dead

Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg died on Friday in Munich. Prof. William G. Witt offers an appreciation.