Court of Arches blocks church treasure sale

The Court of Arches has ruled that historical treasures and antiquities held by churches may not be sold to fund the upkeep of churches, save in extraordinary circumstances.


Strictly Come Dancing event pays off for cathedral

Hereford Cathedral raised over £20,000 this weekend by holding a dance competition modeled upon the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing program.


Christians must defy Allah-ban, archbishop declares

Archbishop Bolly Lapok of Kuching has warned Islamist extremists that Christians would not be silent in the face of demands that they be forbidden to use the word Allah.


Protests greet Manhattan cathedral's development plans

Protests over plans by Manhattan’s Cathedral of St John the Divine to build luxury condominiums on its precincts sparked a demonstration on 6 April 2014 led by local political leaders, who charged


Archbishop Welby clarifies remarks linking gay marriage to murder

Actions have consequences, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told Canada’s Anglican Journal, defending remarks he made last week to


Over 200 dead in terror attack on Nigerian commuters

Over 200 people have been killed in a terror attack at a bus terminal outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja today.


Trinity Wall Street's shareholder suit against Wal-Mart dismissed

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the parish of Trinity Wall Street against the Wal-Mart Corporation, holding the parish could not compel the retailer to distribute proxy materials a


First gay clergy marriage for the Church of England

A serving Church of England priest has married his same-sex partner in open defiance of the church’s ban on clergy entering into same-sex marriages. On 12 April 2014, the Rev.


Archbishops' protest over Australia's immigration interdiction program

The archbishops of the Anglican Church of Australia have written an open letter expressing the "profound disquiet" over the government's treatment of asylum seekers.


Archbishop of Canterbury's address to the Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace Conference in Oklahoma City

The Archbishop of Canterbury gave the following speech on April 10, 2014 at Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace, a conference in Oklahoma, USA, bringing together Episcopalians to consider ways of challenging 'the culture of violence'.